Why? Because you rock our boats!

This is the only trip of its type in Dublin and  it gives you the opportunity to see the city from a completely different angle while being in complete control of your medium. Whether you’re a local or a tourist you’ll be blown away by the stunning views the river has to offer.


Our kayaks are sit on top, ideal for beginners and impossible to tip over unless you purposely try. Our local guides will follow you on a safety boat you can always rely on even if you get tired and want a little tow. 




A kayak river trip thorough Dublin City centre with our experienced guides. The experience takes about 2 hours of which of 90 minutes on the water. We’ll be kayaking approximately 4 km.


 We run tours all year round, everyday at a different time. That is because we prefer to offer our clients the unique opportunity to see the river at its best time: High tide! The sea water fills the river making it cleaner while giving us the chance to paddle almost at city level 


Our Launching base is located just beside the Jeanie Jonhston Tall Ship, between the Samuel Beckett Bridge (the iconic harp shaped bridge) and the Sean O’ Casey pedestrian’s bridge. From here we’ll start paddling towards the heart of the city, going under some of Dublin’s most famous bridges and past well known landmarks. 

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